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Altitude Dev is not associated with the respective brands of CFX, Tebex, Rockstar Games, or Take-Two Interactive.
Altitude Dev is not associated with any of the Rockstar Games, CFX, or Tebex companies. We are simply authorized and obliged to sell our scripts on the TEBEX platform in compliance with CFX's terms and conditions.

Altitude Dev is in no way the owner of the logos or respective trademarks of the authors of the GTA or Red Dead games or RedM/FiveM. We disclaim all liability in accordance with copyright laws.
I just bought a script on but it doesn't appear in my CFX keymaster
Please log in to the same keymaster account as the Tebex transaction. If the script is not available in your keymaster, check your emails or Tebex account the script is in .zip format (unlocked) and should be available directly in your account without going through CFX Assets.
How can I improve a script that is protected by CFX?
Unfortunately, due to numerous cases of intellectual property theft, our scripts can only be unlocked with the payment of an unlock script on our Tebex store. Please understand that we cannot cater to all server developers, as each server is unique.

Note: 1 Purchase = 1 script unlocked, no refund is possible
Please note that some scripts cannot be unlocked without a private message exchange between the developer and yourself. Please open a support ticket on Official Discord server for further assistance.
I'm having an issue with the script I purchased on your store.
Firstly, please note that we have a minimum delay of 72 hours and a time difference between your country and ours (France). The first thing to check is that you have not renamed the folder or modified the script, and that you have properly installed it in the resources folder with the ensure "script_name" command. If the bug is known, our general changelog is available here.

We are not responsible for major framework version changes that occur suddenly, and we are also not obligated to update the script to meet new framework requirements.

If your issue persists, please open a support ticket on our Official Discord server, specifying as many details as possible. Please note that we do not provide support during weekends and outside of business hours.
Why are the delays long at the moment?
Firstly, because the developer is alone in responding to over 300 Tebex clients and +50 companies for website creation, not to mention that RedM scripting is a secondary passion activity in the developer's free time.

Currently, the developer "Shepard" is a new father to a 2-month-old baby, which makes it difficult to respond within the expected delays.
How to obtain precise support?
Please make sure to submit a support request following the associated Discord template, with including debug console (f8 or server console), bug videos or screenshots. Otherwise, we won't be able to provide any support.

Please be as precise as possible in your description, as our developer is not a mind reader. Also keep in mind that each server has its own parameters, which makes it more difficult to help you, especially given the number of frameworks emerging.

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Where is Altitude Dev ?
ALTITUDE DEV is located in France, the company registered mark since in 2014
How Many developpers work in Altitude Dev ?
Only one guy, Shepard#1395
Where is TOS ?
The TOS is only in french at: or
How to refund on ?
To request a refund on Tebex, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Tebex website and log in to your account.
2. Click on the "Support" tab in the menu bar.
3. Select "Open a Ticket."
4. Choose the order that you want to request a refund for and select "Refund Request" as the reason for your ticket.
5. Provide a detailed explanation for why you are requesting a refund.
6. Submit your ticket and wait for a response from Tebex support.

It's important to note that not all purchases on Tebex are eligible for refunds, and Tebex's refund policy may vary depending on the seller's terms and conditions. Additionally, refunds may not be immediate and can take several business days to process.

According to our terms and conditions, unlocked scripts, script unlocking purchases, or items downloaded in zip format are non-refundable. Refunds for digital scripts are also non-refundable in France, as they are considered digital goods.

Only Tebex has the authority to process a refund between the final buyer and the seller within 14 days of purchase,According to French law, customized digital goods (such as custom scripts) are not eligible for refunds, unless the product is defective.