MODULE banks




Infos, how its working ? 

What does the script suggest? 

  • The admin can create an infinite number of banks for 0.00ms 
  • A config file, allows to choose the taxes of a bank, the taxes of a city, but also the name in database, and the PR name of a bank! 
  • All Translates Config ready 
  • The menu of the banks is realized with the last technologies with the framework bootstrap 5 and jquery! (NUI) 
  • Players can create 1 account per bank! 
  • Multiples characters supported
  • Taxes are applied IRL, even if the player is offline, the server will take the taxes on a specific day of the week of your choice, and a specific time! 
  • Ex: play Luca offline, the server takes 10$ tax to all players of the server, even if the player is offline ! 
  • The script is monstrously optimized, not used it will run at 0.00ms! 
  • Each account is totally independent from any other account. 
  • No Glitch Possible (Server Verifications and Database and Account Frameworks Money) 
  • Values with , is not possible only numbers 1 – 999999 
  • It is therefore possible to define an infinite number of banks on the map without destroying your performance. 
  • Blips, Name, Languages, City Tax, Bank Tax, IRL Tax Time, IRL Tax Day configurable! 
  • Integrated standalone notification system, no need for dependencies.
  • Taxes are automated, no need to activate them manually. 
  • A SQL table totally independent of the frameworks allows you to manage your bank accounts, in order to obtain a withdrawal, deposit in real time! 
  • NUI interfaces change depending on the bank (name, taxes).
  • Discord Notifications and Notification Discord Alert for big amounts (logs).
  • Notice and Configurables Keys for open menu and show informations to help player use menu.

Current version : 1.2.5


  • Add 2 options for taxs automated (old system + new system)
  • Enable notification display for all players tax bank launched + config options
  • Translates keys added
  • Tax from 1/Day/Week and taxs from time
  • Change automated system taxs banks
  • New keys langs Discord Notifications
  • Remove unused file
  • News options in config file
  • Add Multiples characters support
  • Add Gold bars/
  • Withdraw Golds,
  • important fixs glitchs,
  • news icons,
  • news small fix css
  • new column SQL for golds
  • Add Discord translate langs
  • Webhooks and Alerts notifications is ready for vorp Discord,
  • Small fix for DLC Nation enabled
  • Initial Release on TEBEX
  •  Small Fixs, and add Discord notifications.